Where cybersecurity
is crafted,
not rushed.


We help you building a cybersecurity and data protection strategy and developing a forward-looking mindset


Within the realms of cybersecurity and data protection, acting without a strategy will only lead to failure and resource drain. At Experirē strategy & advisory we believe that preparation is the cornerstone of triumph and we advocate for a planned, steady, and persistent approach.

While action remains imperative, it is the blend with a forward-thinking mindset that leads to success.


We have worked with global consultancies, international bodies, governments, research institutions, think tanks, multinational corporations, and artisanal enterprises, cultivating an understanding of the nuances that distinguish diverse scenarios.

Our understanding of cybersecurity and data protection stems from over 30 years of combined experience of our team. Nonetheless, at Experirē strategy & advisory we are aware of the fluid nature of these domains, which undergo constant evolution. This is why we cultivate partnerships with the academic community, updating our knowledge with the most recent and cutting-edge research and by contributing to the advancement of the field with in-house studies and publications.


We promote a strategic approach to cybersecurity and data protection, to make them opportunities, not costs.

Our service offering is designed to help you through the entire lifecycle of cybersecurity and data protection, from the initial planning steps to the monitoring and improvement of your activities.

PLANNING - This set of services is designed to help organisations to plan for cybersecurity and data protection and to create relevant strategic frameworks. It includes services such as:

  • Identification of long-term objectives and goals;
  • Definition of organisational vision and mission for cybersecurity and data protection;
  • Analysis and benchmarking of peers, competitors, and comparable entities;
  • Design of the functions necessary to achieve the cybersecurity and data protection goals;
  • Onboarding and coordination of the relevant stakeholders and interested parties;
  • Definition of the key performance indicators and monitoring mechanisms to measure the advancements.

GOVERNANCE - This set of services is designed to help organisations implementing and following through their cybersecurity and data protection strategic frameworks. It includes services such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing of cybersecurity and data protection policies;
  • Managing cyber-risks from identification and assessment to mitigation;
  • Assessing the maturity and effectiveness of organisational controls and measures;
  • Implementation of training and awareness programs;
  • Assessment of third parties and technical suppliers.

ACCOUNTABILITY - This set of services is designed to help organisations upholding their legal responsibilities and maintaining a sound level of compliance with cybersecurity and data protection norms. It includes services such as:

  • Identification of applicable legal requirements;
  • Identification and assessment of compliance risks;
  • Monitoring for new laws and changes to the normative framework;
  • Design of compliance programs to data protection norms (e.g., GDPR, Swiss FADP, Canadian PIPEDA, etc.);
  • Data Protection Officer as-a-service;
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment.

IMPROVEMENT - This set of services is designed to help organisations' continuous improvement towards leadership in cybersecurity and data protection. It includes services such as:

  • Trend and scenario analysis using foresight techniques;
  • Advanced training and awareness programs;
  • Building a reputation and eminence position in the cybersecurity and data protection spaces;
  • Commissioned research and studies.


We are based at the hearth of Europe, with a global reach and mindset.

Experirē strategy & advisory has its roots in Italy but operates globally with active projects in Europe, the United States, Africa, and Western Asia.

If you are interested in a quotation, need more information, or for any other reason you can reach out at info[at]experiree.com.

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